A Look at SEENAH: 2011-2012

Events & Fundraisers

Jumble Sale
Halloween Sale
Beach Jam
Syria Cafe
Family Fitness

What was our focus?

At the very beginning of the year with so many new members, a Beach Jam was held for the second time in the groups history to let the group get to know each other.  During the 2011-2012 school year, SEENAH focused on taking a more prominent role in school-led fundraisers such as the Jumble Sale and DUCE. With DUCE (Dubai Ultimate Charity Event), the group organized a smaller activity within the much larger event: Family Fitness. Numerous members of the ASD fitness community aided the project by teaching classes to attendees. Some of the classes included were Martial Arts and Yoga.


Sarah Syed -- President
Brittany Wiltshire -- Vice President
Arman Shroff -- Secretary
Sami Malas -- Treasurer
Peter Williams -- Public Relations
Sanjana Kumar -- Photo Journalist

ASD FACULTY Representative  

Alex McDowell


(in alphabetical order by first name)

Arman Shroff

Brandon Leibman

Brittany Wiltshire

Caylee Dyer

Danya Itani

Deema Abunasrah

Emily Hammer

Emma Legault

Grace Bake

Grant Gemici

Hana Al-Madhoun

Jackie Gemici

Julie Awad

Katie Abu Saba

Nicholas Leibman

Peter Williams

Rami Jaber

Sami Malas

Sanjana Kumar

Sara Malas

Sarah Syed

Sophia Syed

Diya (Sabrina) Chandra