SEENAH Connections

The essence of SEENAH's existence is based on connecting reputable organizations on the ground in developing and lesser-developed countries with individuals, groups and organizations who want to make a difference and provide a positive impact in the lives of the underprivileged. 

Facts and Figures

In Ethiopia, SEENAH ASD has been supporting RAEY with school supplies, water bottles, clothing, a sewing machine and the annual christmas bag project. 

SEENAH ASD recently raised over $2500 US through individual and group initiatives for the water straw project in Pakistan to help provide potable water to flood victims in Pakistan.  The in-country NGO that is facilitating the distribution of the water straw is Karachi Relief Trust.

SEENAH ASD is developing an alliance with the Masooli school in Uganda with the Nnabegareka Development Foundation (NDF) under the guidance of Kathy Leibman.

SEENAH ASD raised funds to provide washcloths for students at the Masooli school in Uganda.

SEENAH ASD builds awareness and raises funds through activities such as the Beach Jam, Halloween glow stick sales, and Christmas bags for RAEY.

SEENAH ASD is providing lunches by connecting a food supplier with RAEY and Masooli.

SEENAH ASD is connecting a group of individuals to support an underprivileged child from Gaza during post-op in Dubai.

SEENAH ASD is working on connections to provide work opportunities for the guardians of children who attend Masooli school.

SEENAH ASD hosted Queen Sylvia of NDF for a cocktail reception at Atlantis Hotel, Dubai.

SEENAH ASD participated in the Dubai Ultimate Charity Event which raised $2,300 USD for the Masooli School in Uganda.  Proceeds will go toward building a health clinic for the Masooli School.  

SEENAH and Seeds of Change (SOC), and other ASD program, are working together to create the first ASD Cookbook!