Deema and Brittany selling handicrafts at the ASD Carnival 2013
Packing bags to prepare for delivery of April 12, 2013
ASD team for April 12 delivery

This year (2012-2013) SEENAH has been involved in various fundraising activities that helped support projects for the Masooli School in Uganda, Syrian refugees in Jordan, and an UNRWA School in the West Bank.  About 40% of funds raised have been slated for individual HS projects. SEENAH is launching what we hope will become an annual opportunity for ASD High School Students to support causes they truly believe in.  We are calling it SEENAH Cares. Through hard work, dedication, and a little help from the SEENAH team, a platform will be provided to take great ideas from the drawing board to reality, and at the same time, restore hope to people who have lost it. Two students have already initiated projects in Dubai (Karama Kanteen) and Pakistan.



Getting involved is easy--all you need to do is start the process:


1. Project Application:


Submit a short explanation of what your project is all about and the role you will play in facilitating the project. Be sure to discuss your reason behind choosing the specific project and clarify how you would like SEENAH to help. Please note that all projects should be completed within a maximum of one year (extensions maybe granted based on annual project review), a brief timeline would be advisable. 


2. Project Selection:


All projects submitted will be evaluated by Student Officers, Parent Leaders and the SEENAH Teacher Represenative through a voting process.  Eligible projects will be narrowed down and selected based on completeness of thought process, extent of student involvement, greatest need, and logistics. If your project is not selected, an email will be sent out to you with a brief explaination.


3. Detailed Presentation:


In the two weeks following your selection, you will be asked to submit a detailed presentation of your proposed project. The presentation should include the following:


  1. Introduction on who you will be helping (an Individual, a group, an organization, a community). You should include a background history and show credibility.
  2. Project leader, and the number and names of team members involved.
  3. Location of the project, how you intend to get there or deliver the goods/services.
  4. Timeline of the project and what you expect to achieve at every milestone.
  5. The cost of doing the project, how much will be requested from SEENAH, and how you expect the money to be delivered.Due Diligence: As a Project Leader you need to make sure you have done your homework in looking into all variables from project start to completion. With a strategy for deviation and a predicted outcome. Decide on how you will follow-up on the progress of your project, communicate that progress to members of your team and SEENAH, and stay on schedule.



4. Project Implementation:


Following the success of your presentation, a time will be arranged to meet with SEENAH officers, Parent Leaders and Teacher Reps. Details of expectations, objectives, logistics and SEENAH support requirements will be discussed, and the exciting challenge of making it all happen will be ahead of you.


Objectives Behind SEENAH CARES:


  1. Awareness of how far a little kindness can go in delivering first world financial and volunteer resources to people under less fortunate circumstances locally or miles away. 
  2. A personal and educational growth opportunity. 
  3. Producing young ambassadors of good will and encouraging future leaders, planners, and problem solvers who can adjust to changing situations and think outside the box. 
  4. Instilling confidence and building a brighter tomorrow, one project at a time.


SEENAH . . . CARE to make a difference?

For further questions, please contact SEENAH Student President Aheem Siddique,