Rami Jaber at the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon 2014
Teach a Child
TEACH A CHILD (TAC) is a non-governmental organization that seeks to financially assist children from impoverished backgrounds to attend school. Although education is supposed to be free in Lebanon, many families can’t afford the registration fees, books, stationary and other expenses that go with attending school. This is where TAC helps. I, myself, believe in the right for each and every child to get an education and go to school. I decided to helpTAC because, unlike other NGOs, it aims to assist students regardless of their academic performance. TAC is also working on making education in Lebanon not only free, but also compulsory for all children. TAC is determined to continue fighting for the rights of children to get an education in Lebanon by raising awareness, lobbying for new laws and providing assistance for families who want to send their children to school but don’t have the financial means to do so.

To raise funds for TAC, I solicited sponsorship for running the 10k at the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon in January 2014. I ran for TAC and was able to raise $3,500 through individual and SEENAH Cares sponsorships. 

Thanks to all the sponsors and to SEENAH Cares for making this possible and I hope to get the same support next year!