Helping Other People Eat

The SEENAH H.O.P.E. Program, championed by 10th grader Sami Malas, provided delivery of 200 bags of essentials to workers in Dubai at each instance. After locating a wholesaler that would maximize the amount of items per bag and remain within budget of AED 4000 per delivery, Sami organized the packing and delivery of the bags. For the first delivery, each bag contained 1 Kg of rice, 1Kg of lentils, cooking oil, milk, chip and glucose crackers--enough for five meals. Several students from SEENAH and Seeds of Change worked together to pack the items in the 200 bags and then hand delivered them early on a Friday morning. "We only wish we had more bags" commented a student as the lines exceeded the supply of bags. 

Sami wanted to work on a local project so that he could help make a difference in the community he lived in, and witness the small but meaningful impact for the workers who help build the city he enjoys and loves, Dubai. "I know that these workers make more than they would earn in their home countries, however they are among the poorest of the poor as they send most of their earnings to their families in their home countries and live on very little--I can never give enough, anything makes a difference."

Sami continued deliveries through 11th grade and successfully orchestrated four deliveries in total through SEENAH Cares and his own fundraisng. The process was handed over to a 9th grade student, Roma Trevedi to sustain the program. The program was named SEENAH H.O.P.E. Program, Helping Other People Eat.